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Welcome to Walkies with Ian


Juggling the demands of today’s lifestyle can cause havoc for a pet owner. Dogs need their exercise, socialisation and fun; with a busy family life or a hectic work schedule, what better way than to have your dog walked for you, and your family pets fed and watered.

What We Do

We offer a range of services including dog walking, dog boarding; as well as 'at home' care for cats and smaller pets as required (such as when you're on holiday). But we're not another faceless pet care company - all of our services are provided by Ian - so you know who's walking your dog, entering your home and taking care of your family pets.

Walkies with Ian

Once collected from your home, your dog will be transported in our fully equipped Doggie Van to a secure open park or woodland. Here they will be able to run free from the lead, play and socialise and have copious amounts of fun with other dogs. Some behaviour problems such as barking and chewing can be due to boredom. A playful and energetic group walk with Walkies with Ian will leave your dog happy and content.

Personal Pet Care for Bristol:

We specialise in a level of personalised service for dog and pets owners. Our approach ensures:-

  • You know who's walking your dog and entering your home.
  • We're fully insured, and follow strict procedures for the services we provide.
  • Once registered (subject to availability) you'll have access to our full range of services.
  • We're dog and pet owners ourselves and deliver the same level of care we would expect for our own pets.

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News Update

New Spaces

We now have availabilty for new walking customers for regular walks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in selected areas. Please contact us for more details.